Friday, August 25, 2017

New Books Birthday Party during September STEAM Stars!

During our Saturday STEAM Stars, we will be celebrating our new books into the library for ages 5-18 during a special birthday party and we will be making candy! 

Come join us at Doyle Library for all the fun and festivities!

Saturday STEAM Stars study the Solar Eclipse!

STEAM Stars studied the Solar Eclipse and prepared themselves and their families to safely view the amazing Cosmic Phenomenon!   

Saturday, August 12, 2017


Be sure to attend our upcoming Solar Eclipse Party on Saturday, August 19, from 11 to noon, at Doyle Library, with lots of fun activities and scientific experiments!  Every attendee will receive their own pair of safe, eclipse-viewing glasses!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

August 19 -- Eclipse Party!

Coming up on Saturday, August 19, from 11 to noon, during STEAM Stars Events, Eclipse Fun Activities and Math Games, with each child receiving a free pair of eclipse glasses!

August 9 -- The Inventor's Secret

University of Illinois' Ag in the Classroom Program features crafts and fun learning projects on August 9 during STEAM Stars on Wednesday from 11-noon.

August 2 -- Pickin' Chicken

Neal Proud Deer performed during STEAM Stars Event on August 2, from 11-noon with fun activities and the challenge to make your own ketchup bottle guitar!

Judging will take place on September 16 during our New Book Birthday Party.  Submit your design for the Pickin' Chicken Ketchup Bottle Guitar to win a free Neal Proud Deer book of your very own!