Thursday, October 11, 2018

Exciting news!  Doyle Library has received its grant funds from the State of Illinois to purchase books for Young Adults and children, specifically focused on new releases, STEAM and STEM selections.

Additionally, Graphic Classics and books that foster curiosity and discovery have been selected for our community.

Stop by soon to check out our new selections!

Friday, July 27, 2018

Tasty Treats and Enticing Events at Doyle Library

Are you into mysteries?  Do you enjoy a good page-turner?  Doyle Library will bring its Murder Mystery to life on Saturday, July 28th at 6 pm.

The fun begins interactively when individuals, teams or families sign up to solve all the clues presented in the play.  Written by Olivia Dennison, Doyle Library Assistant, Key character performances include Oliva, Halle Vunetich and Whitney Pascoe, who will be dressed to the nines and ready for riotous action!

Have you ever wondered about what happens at the library when it’s closed?   Let’s have a Stuffed Animal Sleepover at the Library! Friday, August 3 from 2:30 to 4 pm –Drop off your stuffed animal (dolls or other babies—one toy per child) at the library.  

When you drop it off, you will:
1)     Create a name tag for your stuffed animal
2)      Read a good night story to your stuffed animal
3)      Tuck your stuffed animal in for the night

Saturday, August 4 at 10 am—Come pick up your stuffed animal and enjoy a slide show and donuts!

Doyle Library wrapped up its Summer 2018 Library Program on Friday, July 27, with a visit from Beth Groves, Montgomery County Agricultural Literacy Program, and Jean Anderson, Women’s Committee of Farm Bureau, providing a tasty treat of perfectly seasoned poems by reading, “The Popcorn Astronauts!” 

During the last two summer reading program sessions, tickets to Knights Action Park were given away, along with free books and free reading rewards! 

STEAM STARS!, Doyle Library’s Children’s Learning Program continues on Saturday, August 18 at 11 am to noon.  The Science of Roller Coasters—Understanding Energy will be explored with fun activities, crafts and science projects.  Join us for STEAM STARS every third Saturday of the month.  For more information, visit our website:   

Monday, July 16, 2018

STEAM STARS Summer Reading Program!

Wonderful, Fun Summer Activities at Doyle Library, Raymond
During recent STEAM STARS events held every Friday from 11-12 noon at Doyle Library, our children created Tranquility Aquariums from old water bottles, shells, craft foam and glitter, shark puppets, super loop-de-loop airplanes, growing pumpkins from seeds, and hatching real butterfly painted ladies from caterpillars and studying how caterpillars grow into butterflies!

Upcoming Events
During our upcoming events, Doyle Library will be awarding tickets for Knights Action Park!  Be sure to attend our upcoming STEAM STARS Events on Fridays, from 11-12, in July!

Cloud or Fog?  Weather Conditions and Science
On July 20th, from 11 am to 12 noon, Doyle Library will be hosting Cloud or Fog?  Weather Conditions and Science.  We will be studying the many factors that come into play to formulate our weather and how the planets influence our world.  We will also be creating beautiful wind chimes for each STEAM STAR to take home.

The Popcorn Astronauts
Doyle Library will be hosting the Montgomery County Literacy Program, “Ag in the Classroom” on Friday, July 27, from 11 am - 12 noon.
In this year’s program, Library STEAM STARS will enjoy a tasty treat of perfectly seasoned poems, by reading The Popcorn Astronauts.  Find out how many of the foods mentioned in the poems are specialty crops grown here in Illinois!
Library STEAM STARS will also learn about Illinois’s Official Snack:  Popcorn!  Each STEAM STAR will check out corn popping in slow motion and pop some corn to make a popcorn rocket picture to take home!

Friday, June 29, 2018

Many Fun Activities and Learning Events at Doyle Library this Summer

The fun continues every Friday during summer, at 11 am, when the Doyle Library crew provide fun exploration of the ocean deep, including scuba diving and fun ocean adventures, and other deep sea creatures on Friday, July 6!

Join us for lots of fun activities, goodies, and reading rewards and cool facts about our world, especially, undersea life!

Exciting projects created during our June 29th STEAM Stars Summer Reading Program include:  coloring whale sharks, which are the largest fish on our planer; creating a clothespin shark with a small fish in its mouth; creating a whale puppet and pinning the tail on the whale!  Lots of fun treats, gifts and reading rewards were earned!

Are your pumpkin seeds growing from last week?  The library's pumpkin seeds are almost 4 inches high!  We will be planting them soon!

We will also demonstrate our hungry caterpillars which soon will be spinning silk cocoons and then, a week or so later, become butterflies just in time for our Summer Reading Program Finale on Friday, July 27.

Upcoming Events include:
Friday, July 6       How Deep Is the Ocean?
Friday, July 13     Gravity--The Living Force
Friday, July 20      Cloud or Fog?  Weather Conditions and Science
Friday, July 27      The World of Insects--A Small, Significant View

All events and activities take place at Doyle Library at 11 am!

REMEMBER:  Be sure to color and fill in your bookshelves on your reading reward sheets as you are reading your books, so you can bring them in for reading rewards and free prizes, everyone!

For more information, visit our website at

Friday, June 22, 2018

Cool Fun Creating Seed Growing Kits!

Our children were very enthusiastic to learn about seeds, where to find them, how to encourage seeds to grow and how to care for plants today during STEAM Stars Summer Reading Program at Doyle!

Each child created their own jelly jar seed growing project, made cute faces on their "cuties" that looked like pumpkins, and enjoyed eating a few cuties!

Everyone received reading rewards and free prizes for attendance!

Next week, Friday, June 29th, at we will explore sharks, oceans and creatures of the deep! Hope you can make it!
Deb, Halle, and Olivia

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Excitement is all A-Buzz at Doyle Library

Our STEAM Stars are learning and loving the information about how bees communicate by dancing to share the knowledge of where and how to find flowers for pollinating in our world of nature at Doyle Public Library.

Each child created his or her own beehive and learned about the life of bees and their social networks. 

Matt Zimmerman was onboard to create fun animal balloons for the children.  Olivia Dennison and Halle Vunetich assisted the young people with their art, books, prizes and reading rewards during the Summer Reading Program, held every Friday in June and July, from 11-12, at Doyle Library! 

Come join the fun each and every Friday in Summer at Doyle!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Fun Continues at Doyle Library

Our children are having so much fun with the new summer STEAM Stars events every Friday at 11 am!

On June 8th, we explored the magical world of magnets, coloring fish, creating fishing poles and catching some cool and colorful fish.

We explored how even though you cannot see the magnets and the objects they attract, if buried in rice, for example, the magnetic pull is just as strong and engaging!

Check out all the fascinating information and some exciting books at Doyle Library!

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Exciting Events at Family Friendly Doyle Library

Our Summer Reading Program kicked off on Friday, June 1, at 11 am bringing many area families together to learn about math, measurement and using numbers in fun ways!

Upcoming events include the following:

Doyle Library Summer Reading Program

Every Friday in June and July from 11am to noon

Friday, June 1                              Let’s Estimate—Using Numbers in Fun Ways
Friday, June 8                              Magnets Push, Magnets Pull—The Power of
Friday, June 15                            Bee Dance—The Secret Language of Bees
Friday, June 22                            Seeds—Nature’s Perfect Package
Friday, June 29                            Wandering Whale Sharks—The Search for Food
Friday, July 6                                How Deep Is the Ocean?
Friday, July 13                             Gravity—The Living Force
Friday, July 20                             Cloud or Fog?  Weather Conditions and Science
Friday, July 27                             The World of Insects—A Small, Significant View

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Mother's Day Tea Pots

What a wonderful way to honor Mother on Mother's Day!  

During Story Hour STEAM STARS, children made these lovely tea pots, filled with candy, for their Moms!  

We also made delicious flowers out of pineapple slices, grapes and other healthy ingredients!

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The Science of Rainbows for St. Patrick's Day

On March 17th, local children came to Doyle Public Library to participate in STEAM Stars Story Hour. They heard fun stories, did cool crafts, and had a colorful snack. The theme this month was Rainbows, and the stories that were read focused on how a rainbow is formed, what colors are in a rainbow, and all about leprechauns too! 

Many of the children that attended were dressed in green for St. Patrick’s Day, which only added to the festive spirit. A fun time was had by all who attended and everyone got a free book and a fun prize to take home!
Doyle Library holds STEAM Stars Story Hour from 11:00am to noon on the third Saturday of the month. During the months of June and July, the Summer Reading Program will be held every Friday from 11:00am to noon.
Children will learn about different topics, such as weather, the ocean, gravity, insects, and lots more fun, educational subjects! Along with the lesson, there is always a fun craft/activity and a yummy snack!
April STEAM Stars Story Hour will be a special one—it is all about moms and how special they are! Children will read fun stories about moms, have a snack, and make a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift for their moms.
If you want your children to make something special for their Mom, bring them to April STEAM Stars Story Hour on April 21st at 11:00am!