Friday, July 27, 2018

Tasty Treats and Enticing Events at Doyle Library

Are you into mysteries?  Do you enjoy a good page-turner?  Doyle Library will bring its Murder Mystery to life on Saturday, July 28th at 6 pm.

The fun begins interactively when individuals, teams or families sign up to solve all the clues presented in the play.  Written by Olivia Dennison, Doyle Library Assistant, Key character performances include Oliva, Halle Vunetich and Whitney Pascoe, who will be dressed to the nines and ready for riotous action!

Have you ever wondered about what happens at the library when it’s closed?   Let’s have a Stuffed Animal Sleepover at the Library! Friday, August 3 from 2:30 to 4 pm –Drop off your stuffed animal (dolls or other babies—one toy per child) at the library.  

When you drop it off, you will:
1)     Create a name tag for your stuffed animal
2)      Read a good night story to your stuffed animal
3)      Tuck your stuffed animal in for the night

Saturday, August 4 at 10 am—Come pick up your stuffed animal and enjoy a slide show and donuts!

Doyle Library wrapped up its Summer 2018 Library Program on Friday, July 27, with a visit from Beth Groves, Montgomery County Agricultural Literacy Program, and Jean Anderson, Women’s Committee of Farm Bureau, providing a tasty treat of perfectly seasoned poems by reading, “The Popcorn Astronauts!” 

During the last two summer reading program sessions, tickets to Knights Action Park were given away, along with free books and free reading rewards! 

STEAM STARS!, Doyle Library’s Children’s Learning Program continues on Saturday, August 18 at 11 am to noon.  The Science of Roller Coasters—Understanding Energy will be explored with fun activities, crafts and science projects.  Join us for STEAM STARS every third Saturday of the month.  For more information, visit our website:   

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